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This website is operated by One2one Driving School. As a user of this website (referred to as “you/your”) you acknowledge that any use of this website including any transactions you make (“use/using”) is subject to our terms and conditions below (which includes any other important hyper-linked sections e.g. Refunds, and Privacy policy. Please:

  • read through these terms and conditions carefully before using this website
  • print a copy for future reference.
  • also read our Privacy policy section regarding your personal information.

One2one Driving School do not teach test routes, we teach you how drive !!!

All courses booked with one2one are under the provision that you understand you are forming a contract between yourself and the instructor who is a self-employed franchisee of One2one Driving School. Any balance payment dispute, claim or discussion should therefore be taken up with the instructor and not with One2one Driving School. The company cannot be held liable for any compensation claim from either instructor or student, nor can it be held responsible for any traffic law violation on the part of either instructor or the student.

It is your responsibility to ensure you hold a valid provisional licence for the category B – Car Licence. If you are not at test standard on your test day, you may be refused the use of our Instructors car incurring the loss of test fee. The Instructors decision is final, for more information read these terms & conditions.

Note – We cannot guarantee a Driving Test for the end of your driving course, however we do currently have an excellent record.

1. General

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website (see date at the top) and it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions on each occasion you use this website and your continued use of the website shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.



If you are not the pupil, you confirm that you have authority to bind any business on whose behalf you use this website.


All courses must be booked online via our website and a non refundable deposit payment must be made at the time of booking to secure the booking. (3. Payments)



Your theory test will be booked as soon as we can obtain one and is normally prior to the course start date, if you were to fail you may not be able to take a practical driving test at the end of your driving course if another theory test cannot be taken.

If you pay for an additional theory test fee we will try to book another theory test before the end of your driving course (note – if this is not possible you will not be able to take a practical driving test at the end of your driving course).


Your practical driving test will be booked for the end of your course or any day that week providing you have passed your theory test prior to the course starting.

If One2one Driving School cannot provide a driving test within the same week as your driving course then we will book the next available date provided by the DVSA that best coincides with your instructors availability and yourself.

Your driving test is usually at the nearest Practical Driving Test Center to you, however, if this is not possible we will locate a test at an alternative center within a reasonable driving time.

The pupil will be permitted to use the training car for their driving test providing the pupil has reached a safe standard of driving. Whilst every effort is made to get the pupil to test level, and to take the practical test, if it is considered by the instructor that the pupil could be a danger to themselves, the DVSA examiner or to the general public, then for safety reasons, he/she will not be allowed to use the training car for the test and will be advised accordingly.

One2one will not be held responsible if your course or test is affected in the following circumstances:-
1) The DVSA canceling a driving test. eg. Unavailable Examiner, Due to bad weather, failing light etc or unforeseen mechanical failure
2) An unforeseen accident while on a lesson or test.
3) The pupil incurring an injury or illness which could affect the driving course or driving test.


It is the pupils responsibility to notify one2one of the following when making a booking:-

  • your driver number.
  • your theory certificate number & date passed
  • your pickup address if different to home address
  • any unavailable dates and/or times.
  • any special requirements.
  • any condition which could affect the driving course.
  • any condition which could affect the driving test.
  • dates of any tests already booked which would conflict with the course you are booking.

One2one will not be held responsible for a pupil not providing any relevant information that could affect either the driving course or driving test.

It the pupil is found to be under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs or anything which could affect your driving, the pupil would not be allowed to drive for that day losing any fees for that days training or test fees if on test day.

If you are on a guaranteed pass course you will have to pay for the next driving test & lessons for that day.

Note – If a second incident occurs then the course will be terminated with loss of all course fees.



Where the instructor may arrive late for a lesson due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the instructor will make efforts to extend the ‘finish’ time of the lesson by the same amount of time or add the time on to the following lesson.


Where the pupil fails to attend a pre-arranged course time, the instructor will wait a maximum of 30 minutes before leaving. This will be then classed as a no show for which the pupil will be liable for a no show fee which is equal to that days lesson price.


All ‘one2one Driving School’ instructors are authorised Approved Driving Instructors (DVSA ADI) or legally authorised instructors.


‘One2one Driving School’ may substitute another instructor if unforeseen circumstances arise.


All ‘one2one Driving School’ vehicles are a non smoking environment.


The cost of the use of the training car for the driving test period is the same as the cost of a lesson, if a lesson is booked prior to the test on the same day this will be the equivalent cost of a two lesson period.


A valleting charge will be made for any malicious soiling of the vehicle.


Abusive language or threatening behavior to any one2one Driving Instructor, office staff, DVSA Examiner or the general public while on a driving lesson, driving test or via a phone call will not be tolerated. Any such action may result in your course being terminated resulting in the loss of course fee.

1.15In-Car Video & Audio Cameras may be installed in your Instructors car for security, insurance and training purposes. If such a system is installed you agree to allow your driving lesson to be recorded.


1.16Successful pupils will be asked if their picture may be taken while holding their pass certificate.

If you allow your picture to be taken then you agree that One2one Driving School UK Ltd may use your picture for advertising successful pupils who passed with ourselves. This will normally be added to our facebook page and/or a page on our website


Guaranteed Pass Driving Course Pupils ONLY

Please note if you are not at test standard after 35hrs and/or you decide not to take the 1st practical test booked you will not be entitled to the cash back offer.

If after completing the full 35hrs and then failing the first test, the pupil must be available to take any test date even at short notice as this is the most constructive way to help the pupil pass their practical test.

If the pupil decides not to take any suitable test that is found and/or decides to stop at any time, this will be seen as the pupil wishes to cancel the course.

2. Booking process

All bookings that you place on this website will be subject to acceptance in accordance with these terms and conditions.


The ‘confirmation’ stage sets out the final details of your booking. Following this, we will send to you a booking confirmation email detailing the course you have chosen.


Acceptance of your booking and the completion of the contract between you and one2one will take place only if you have completed all relevant sections on the booking form correctly and you have made the correct payment for the course you have chosen.


We do not file details of your booking for you to subsequently access direct on this website, and therefore, please print out these terms and conditions and the booking acknowledgement for your own records. If you wish to obtain specific details of your previous bookings please Contact us.

3. Payment

You must pay the relevant non refundable deposit (which includes any test fees required) for the course you are booking (see terms & conditions 3.3).

Deposit payments are valid for 6 months from the date paid or the course start date if arranged.
All monies will be lost if the course & test/s are not taken/completed within this 6 month period.


Any remaining balance must be paid to your Instructor in CASH on the first day of your Driving Course.

(Any balance payment not paid in full by the first day of your driving course will incur a surcharge of 2.5% per day which will then be added to any balance payment owed)

Balance payments are valid for 6 months from the date paid or the course start date if arranged.
All monies will be lost if the course is not completed within this 6 month period..



We take your non refundable deposit payment from your credit/debit card using Pay Pal or Bank Transfer (see 3.4) at the time of your booking, once Pay Pal have checked your card details they will email you..

In the event that we are unable to process your booking due to an incorrect payment, no booking form submitted or incorrect booking information being submitted, we will inform you of this as soon as possible. A refund will be given of any monies paid minus an admin fee (currently £99 or the full deposit payment which ever is the greater). Courses which start within the next 28 days are excluded



Deposit Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Pay Pal, Debit/Credit cards via Pay Pal



The price you pay is the course price displayed on this website at the time we receive your booking apart from the following exception:

a) Whilst we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the course price you have booked we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your booking at the correct price or canceling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the booking as cancelled. If you cancel and you have already paid, you will receive a full refund.


Any balance payment not received on the 1st day of the driving course will incur a daily late payment charge currently charged at a rate of 2.5%. This daily amount will be added to the outstanding balance payment every day upto a maximum of 14 days. If the full amount is not paid after 14 days then the full debt will be passed onto a debt collection agency where additional admin and collecting cost may be added..


4. Cancellations, Rearrangements & Refunds

Please refer to Refunds. Courses which start within the next 28 days are excluded from this Guarantee.


When an Intensive Driving Course is booked and one2one Driving School has not received cancellation or rearrangement in the form of an email at least 28 days prior to the course start date then the balance payment of the course will still be owed to your Instructor who with our assistance will take appropriate action needed to collect this amount.


If the Pupil chooses a course unsuitable for their level of experience and/or chooses to end the course before all hours are completed (this also includes when the pupil for any reason decides not to continue with the days training) then one2one Driving School or the Instructor will not be held responsible for this decision and any monies paid will be lost.



Any pupil on a Guaranteed Pass Driving Course who does not attend a pre arranged driving test for whatever reason will be liable for the next driving test fee and a full days training fee if one2one driving school cannot cancel the driving test without losing the test fee (i.e more than 3 working days notice).



Cancellation or Re-arrangements (minus an admin fee currently £99 or the full deposit payment which ever is the greater) will only be considered if you follow our Refunds Policy in full and at least 28 days prior to the course start date..

5. Complaints / Grievance Procedure

All complaints must be put in writing and received by post no later than 30 days after the course start date.

Send all complaints to:-
one2one Driving School (UK) Ltd
21 Bowness Road,
M24 4WP

# A reply should be sent to you within 28 working days of us receiving your request. If your request is complicated we may need longer that 28 working days but if this is the case we will let you know within the original 28 day period and will keep you informed of the progress of your request.

The One2one Driving School website is operated by
One2one Driving School (Uk) Ltd
21 Bowness Road
Middleton, Manchester
M24 4WP

0330 6600 121 / 0844 4145 121

Company number 08134728

We recommend you print out a copy of these terms and conditions for your future reference. If you have any questions regarding the One2one Driving School website please see the Customer Services section for more information and full contact details.

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